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Video Tutorials for the Job Tracker iphone apps

Information on this page is for the Full version of our job tracking iPhone apps.Each app has a Lite version which is FREE to download and shows the word “Lite” after the app name. Most of these Lite versions only use the Job sheet.  Some have full functionality but have advertisements and limited space for jobs. Upgrade to the Full version to use all the great features and unlimited space for jobs as shown below.

Set up a Basic Job

Gross vs. Accumulated totals

Group your jobs by Referrer client or agent

TROUBLE SHOOTING: If you attach a Referrer to a job and find it doesn’t stay connected, you need to add a calculation to the Referrer. The simplest way is to Go to Referrers, open the Referrer and add a Flat Fee of 0 cents. Now you can go back into the job details and attach the Referrer.

Jobs with an hourly rate

Delete a job

Split profit for a group or band

Got more questions?

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If you have suggestions for what else to add to the app to make it more useful to you, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Send those through the Contact page as well.

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