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Free iPhone app: JobNett Lite

How does this free iphone app work?

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Free iPhone app JobNett Litefor all types of Freelance jobs.

Try before you buy the real deal, JobNett, the must-have Job Tracker for freelancers, contractors and agency listed people.

Keep this Lite version as your handy reference to how much each job will give you in the hand after expenses (your Nett Total),


If you’re anything like me, the original Gross amount of the job means nothing.

Trying to subtract the exact agency commission and expenses can be a bit too much to figure in my head.

It gives me brain freeze.

And, having just a vague idea of what will be left over to pay my bills and have some fun can lead to budgeting mistakes.

With JobNett Lite you can save the commissions and expenses for your client or agent.

Then, for each job, add the Gross amount at the top to see how much your Nett total will be in the end.

So you’ll always know exactly how much you’ll get.




Buy the full version of JobNett and you can keep all your clients, agents, venues or referrers in the Referrers section. Record the expenses and commission you regularly take out for each one. Type them in only once.

You can store all your Jobs and attach a Referrer to the job so it automatically removes their expenses and commission.

You can see
+ who owes you what
+ how much you earned in a month
+ and what each Referrer has earned you

Now, that’s organized!